Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off to the Monastery

Set out this morning to Zen Mountain Monastery. Pretty excited about going to the home of so much amazing teaching. Also, it feels somehow like a pivotal point in my practice.  Like heading home after a long trip.
I am waiting at the DFW airport and thinking thoughts of metta to my friends and wife. They are facing a direct example of impermanence. They received communication today that their jobs are in danger. Their company, Nokia, has been suffering for some time. As such they are consolidating resources based on location. Dallas, once a major center, is now rebuilding and their jobs, global in function are not essential to that regrowth. The open questions are many, as are the speculations. However one thing is certain ...much can be learned. Good and bad are all perspective and staying with the moment, as it truly is, is of critical importance. 
As I continue on to New York they will be in my thoughts.

Deep bows.


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