Friday, September 23, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 21

  • Morning Zazen (45 min Zazen @ 11:30)
  • Alexander Technique
    • Unfortunately I missed my AT lesson this morning. I had thought it was at 10am and there was so much traffic taking my daughters to school that I was running very late.  Turns out it was at 11am...but didn't realize this until my teacher called.  Bummer.
  • Studies
    • No reading today either.  Slacked off last two days.  All three of my daughters have birthday parties this weekend so things are majorly hectic.  By the time I get to bed I'm too wiped to get anything out of Dogen. :)
  • Shakuhachi 
    • My suizen today after zazen was my practice.
    • I dabbled off and on today with some of my more difficult phrases and attempted to find sheet music for Yoru no uta.  My current favourite song.
  • Veganism
    • So this has been going very smoothly but I thought I'd post an update
    • Found vegan cookies this week and so all is right in the world
    • Went to lunch today at Which Which and I used to always get the Black Bean patty with hummus & tzatziki .  Well, before I did today I googled if the patty was vegan and it turns out it has egg & casein in it.  So that was out.  So I went with the veggies instead...however...I forgot to not check off the tzatziki.  I didn't realize this until I was already eating.  I gave myself kudos for effort, recited a short gatha in gratitude for any hardship the goat had to endure and ate.  I figured it was more of an insult to not eat it at that point then just finishing it.  After all, the theoretical suffering had already happened and so I should show gratitude and make a mental note for next time.
    • Took my 9 Year Old to dinner tonight for a daddy/daughter date.  She wanted hibachi and I have come to find it's difficult to find anything vegan at these places.  Ended up getting miso soup, ginger salad and agadashi tofu.  Forgot to ask for no fish flakes on the tofu and so had to scrape them off.  My daughter had!  She had a wonderful time and really was beaming.  Was very nice.
  • Evening Zazen (30 min at 10pm)
    • Sat with my wife on G+
    • She sits in the bedroom in front of our butsudan which is an old computer cabinet that we've allocated some space for Kannon & some incense.  I sit in my normal spot which is out in the living room.  May be a bit odd but I think it's nice as we are both kinda geeky and like the G+ Hangout stuff.

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