Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 13

  • Morning Zazen (60 min @ 6am)
  • Sewing practice
    • Today was a sewing day.  Spent much of the day sewing.  
    • However, I did take some breaks to 
      • watch Monsters Inc with daughter
      • go for a walk with wife & daughter
      • go to lunch with my buddy Tony
    • Started the day by sewing the first panel of the rakusu.
      • I did this while on a conference call for work, however a friend of mine posted up a comment on G+ about it questioning if it was in the right spirit to be multi-tasking, as the point of sewing is to sew...and for work is to work.
      • After my initial defense mechanism went down, and a few hours of sewing behind me.  I came to the realization that he was totally right.  Mostly because I really got into my sewing and being able to dedicate a decent portion of time to it, felt the beauty of the practice, with out hindrances or mixing it with other tasks.
    • Was able to get the 5 panels sewn, assembled and installed into the frame.
    • Only thing left on the frame is the middle stitch.
    • My wife and I had a good laugh when I held the first rakusu I had sewn up against this one.  You'd never guess the same person sewed them.  Both however are beautiful in their own ways.  I have many fond memories of sewing the first one...and maybe a few not-so-fond. :)
  • Shobo Study
    • Still on the Power of the robe, but almost done.
    • Read today on the 10 merits bestowed upon those who wear the robe...some were quite surprising, like defending against snakes?!
    • A bit disappointed in the book quality.  The translation is fantastic.  I think Kaz Tanahashi did a great job as did all his co-translators.  However Shambala did a poor job in assemble imho.  The contents are only in the first book as are the indexes.
    • Last night I was reading Instructions to the Cook and I had to dig out book two, which didn't have the table of contents, so had to go back to book one to look up the page.
    • Additionally, the binding on the first book is already breaking down and I'm only about half way through my first read!  Not very good quality for something that's $150.
  • Evening Zazen (30 min @ 11:30PM)
    • Doing this one offline as I am a bit tired and really just don't want to drag my laptop over and get it all setup. :)

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