Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 16

  • Morning Zazen (60m @ 06:30)
  • Zen Seeds Study
    • Spent some time getting caught up on Zen Seeds for the Treeleaf Bookclub
    • Really enjoying this book.  Aoyama has a Shunryu Suzuki type vibe to her writings.
  • Shakuhachi Practice
    • Spent some time on Choshi again and it's slowly getting better.
    • Today I just focused on the middle of Choshi and trying to hit the notes.
    • Tomorrow I plan on focusing on playing the entire piece through...regardless of quality.
  • Sewing Practice
    • Today I was able to finish up the rakusu for Jukai.
    • No major problems at all.  Only complication was when I had sewn two of the sao had to remove and switch. :)  This of course was right after watching the video where Taigu warns about this. 
    • Very happy with the end result and even happier that I enjoyed the entire practice.
    • I think after sewing a kesa the rakusu is like a breath of fresh air.
  • Treeleaf Tea Party
    • Joined the tea party again this week
    • This time it was just Shohei, Fugen and Grace on the call.
    • Felt like I talked too much but I blame Shohei as he kept asking me questions. 
    • Was nice however to be able to ask about 25 questions about the rakusu, it's sewing, it's wearing and hear some great stories from Shohei on his trials and tribulations.
  • Evening Zazen (30m @ 23:00)
    • Sat solo sans G+ tonight.
    • Mostly because I didn't finish the rakusu until later in the evening and I didn't feel like dragging my laptop over to the altar and getting it all setup.

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