Monday, September 26, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 22

  • Morning Zazen 
    • Didn't happen today.  First day I have missed in three weeks. 
    • I was a honestly a bit bummed out about this.  I had planned on sitting zazenkai in the morning but when I got up it just didn't seem feasible to carve out 90 minutes of my morning.  I had a birthday party to setup for my twin 9 year olds girls.  Balloons, decorations, food, music, the whole thing.  Most of which we had been working on prepping for the past few days, but this was crunch time.
    • After watching the clock and thinking about when they were sitting, chanting, kinhining I finally decided to let it go and was thankful I did.
  • Shakuhachi, Sewing & Shobogenzo Practice
    • Nope, nope and nope here as well.
    • After the party was over, the decorations removed and the house 'tidied' I had to get ready to take on of my daughters on a date for her birthday.  
    • So in lieu of the aforementioned, we went and had ice cream (sorbet for me) and watched a movie called Dolphin Tale. 
    • Was really nice and was surprised at how quiet she was.
  • Evening Zazen (30m at 10pm)
    • I did sit in the evening in front of the butsudan in my bedroom.  
    • Too exhausted to bring out the computer and all that jazz...just sat.  Was nice and felt like the first moment I stopped all day.

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