Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 12

  • Morning Zazen (60 Min @ 5:30am)
    • Sat with Roky & Bob
    • Had a hard time thinking of someone I disliked when chanting metta today.  Guess I'm running out of people.  Maybe I should go to the DMV or something. :)
  • Shobo Study
    • STILL on Power of the Robe
    • Today I went through the various sizes and uses.
    • Also read on the Verse of the Robe.  Was a little different than I recite, but I liked the translation a lot!
  • Shakuhachi Practice
    • Finally I am starting to have breakthroughs on the upper register
    • Played each not and held it...requires a much tighter embouchure which means that my mouth starts aching after about 3 notes. :) 
    • Once again, need much more practice.
    • Looked once again at Monty Levenson's shakuhachi and trying to find more stuff to sell I don't use around the house.  I think I have an extra kidney...
  • Sewing Practice
    • Finished sewing on the second en and was kinda burnt out.  Those corners are very challenging to get correct.  Most of the time I find I'm winging it to some degree.
    • Also marked and cut my material for the rakusu for Jukai.

  • Evening Zazen (30 Min @ 7:45PM)
    • Sat with Engyo, Ron & Chris tonight
    • Sat in inverted half-lotus tonight (right on left) as I am trying to stretch my right leg as it gives me problems when sitting full lotus.
    • Maybe yoga is in order...or just stretching. :)

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