Thursday, September 29, 2011

No self

I was able to finish Invoking Reality by Daido Roshi while on the plane and can sum up the entire book with the phrase "No self."

The book went through the precepts and explained them in the wonderful Loori fashion. Deep valleys, steep peaks and light hearted fields. I have been reading also Aitken Roshi's The Mind of Clover which is very similar, however much more academic.

Over and over again the phrase of no self rose to my mind. In applying the precepts and understanding their application to my practice it seemed it fit them well. However, this can be misconstrued and seemingly over simplified. But practicing true no self is not anything of the sort. More so coming back to your true nature when your mind wants to cling tenaciously to your self nature.

I especially liked the discussion on actualizing good for others. This phrase has always challenged me. Never really clear on how to it's application. Seeing the three pure precepts as a the reality of the grave precepts was excellent. Also the usage of the teachings of Bodhidharma in comparison with Dogen also helped to see both the practical and philosophical sides.

Started reading Uchiyama's From the Zen Kitchen to Enlightenment.  Hoping for some clarity on samu and applying work practice to life.

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