Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 11

  • Morning Zazen (60 Min @ 6am)
  • Shakuhachi Practice
    • Like  a broken record, I still am struggling with kan register in Choshi...feeling a bit frustrated but know that it just will take time and more practice.
    • Played it all the way through today and even though the middle sounded horrible, I tried to focus on my breaths and fingering and just ignored the 'noise'.
  • Shobo Study
    • Didn't read today and probably too tired to get anything out of it tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Alexander Technique
    • Had my second AT lesson today and once again it was excellent.
    • Today I worked on raising my fingers from my chest while laying on my back.  Crazy huh?  But you'd be amazed how something so simple can still cause you to tense up.  I could actually feel my neck (with the help of my teacher) tightening when I even *thought* about raising my fingers.
    • So we practiced raising my hand up and putting it down over and over again trying to train me to not interfere with my normal mode of operation.
    • We also spent some time working again on semi-supine technique which I am grateful for.  Been trying to use it before zazen to get my position fixed.
  • Sewing Practice
    • Spent about 2 hours sewing the zagu this evening
    • Was able to get one en on and a second started.  had a few troubles with the corners (as always) so had to get a bit creative.
    • Still think that Tomoe Katagiri's guide on this matter is somehow off measurement wise...
  • Evening Zazen (30 min @ 8:30PM)

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