Monday, September 5, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 3

  • Started the day with a wonderful sitting
  • Had a bagel w/hummous for breakfast and had to share about half with my 3 y/o as we watched Monsters vs Aliens...great movie.
  • Shaku practice
    • Brought my seiza bench and a mat out in my backyard and sat in front of my zen garden playing.
    • My daughter played in the rocks ("fixing" the perfectly contoured lines) while I played Kyorei.
    • Didn't practice Choshi today as I didn't want my neighbours to call animal control. ;)
  • Shobo study
    • The Time Being
      • COMPLETELY lost on this one.  Read it twice and still nothing.  I'm going to chalk this fascicle as one I need to come back to.
      • In all honesty, all of them really are as such.  But this is one of the ones that I just didn't get at all.  
    • The next one is Power of the Robe and I'm super excited to read this as I've not yet read it in Kaz Tanahashi's translation.  
      • Being a okesa junkie (Thanks to Tomoe Katagiri, Kodo Sawaki and especially Taigu) I love reading the fascicles Dogen has wrote on the matter.  Probably spend a few days on this one.
  • Samu
    • Today for samu I scrubbed the floors in my house.  I was contemplating doing it soji style. But then I realized I'm too old and lazy.  Plus I'd probably kill myself doing it.  
    • So instead I busted out the old hockey gear, threw on the shin pads and got to scrubbing.  Was quite a sight.
    • Our entire downstairs is either tile or hardwood floors (except the master bedroom) and so it took maybe an hour.  
    • During that time I focused completely on the task at hand.  I thought about the trees that made the hardwood.  I thought about how they once stood tall and majestic and how they continue to provide beauty to my family.  How I must take great care of them and be mindful and respectful of their offering.
    • I also thought about the men who put them in my house.  The effort that must have been required. The pain and discomfort that I now felt in my knees and back and how they must have experienced it every day.  How wonderful of a job they did and how grateful I am to have their handiwork showing for years to come.
    • Also during this time I chanted Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo for a friend of a dharma brother from the sangha.  Much metta to him and his friends and family after a tragic accident.  Normally I do it 108 times (number of juzu beads on my necklace) but I'm sure it was at least that.  Then, afterwards I lit incense and dedicated the merit to his friend.  May the udumbara bloom in eternal spring...may we realize the Buddha way together.
  • Sewing
    • Broke out all the gear to work on the next kesa but then decided that maybe I should sew a zagu. Zagu is a bowing mat that can also be used in lieu of a zabuton.  Purpose is to keep your robe clean while you are doing prostrations or sitting.  I thought this may be useful for my retreat to ZMM at the end of the month.   Shouldn't take too long to sew and so put some time into that.
    • Ran out of material however for the kagami so will need to pick some up before I can continue.
    • Was able to cut all the other pieces however.  
    • I had planned on using the material from the obi that I wore in my wedding, but it's only 9" in width and I need twice will try to think of something else...or maybe sew two pieces together, will have to ask Taigu about that.
  • Rest of my day was spent building a doll house for my daughter, fixing sprinkler heads and going for a walk with the family.
  • Sat tonight for ~25 min zazen on G+.  
    • Was alone but was still a wonderful sit.
    • Been trying full lotus for the shorter evening ones and think that it's slowly getting better.  I normally sit half-lotus but prefer the stability in full.  Maybe some yoga is in order.
  • On a final sad note, one of the first fish I've had died.  Not really sure how, but Leroy was one of my favourites.  He was a sailfin balloon molly with a wicked attitude.  Gave him a proper send off with recitations and incense and hope his rebirth is a kind one.

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  1. This didn't publish to Google+ btw and none are publishing to FB but this is great. so sad about the fish though but I was especially impressed about the floors!