Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 9

  • Morning Zazen (60 Min)

After morning zazen, I decided to chant EJKG around the mala and do prostrations for the merit of all those who have suffered because of war and terrorism. At about half way through, I started to wonder how many floors were in the WTC. Probably more than 108 (the number of beads on a mala), but maybe pretty close. Then I started to think about the people on each floor of the WTC. As I progressed higher and higher I felt a deepening sadness. By the time I reached the 108th bead, and subsequently the last prostration, I was leveled, much like the towers, to the cushion weeping. However, when I raised my hands on either side of my head, I envisioned the weight of the pain and suffering experienced that day being lifted. Almost as if the towers rose again, but in the form of healing and compassion for all.

May the udumbara bloom in endless spring and may we realize the Buddha Way together.

  • Shakuhachi practice was quite good today.  
    • Choshi is continuing challenge, but I'm able to hit the notes and hold them better in kan register.  
    • Also been practicing my furi's with some degree of success.
  • Shobo Study
    • Didn't happen today, and still might yet before bed, but feeling pretty wiped out and not really in a rush to grind it out.
  • Practice Partner Exercises
    • Was able to do Skype with Shohei today and it was great.
    • We got to talk about our backgrounds, our jobs, our practice and many of the challenges we face in life and practice.
    • Was able to join the Treeleaf Tea Party as well right after for a bit.  
    • Was nice to meet a new member to Treeleaf and talk to some old ones that I've not see much of lately.
  • Meal Gatha & Kids
    • Tonight we went to a place that is vegan friendly called Zpizza.  
    • Before the mean I said the meal gatha quietly to myself with my hands in gassho.
    • My daughter, Ciera, asked me specifically about it and why I said/did it.  
    • When I explained that it was similar to a prayer in Christianity she seemed to get it.
    • Today, also, during lunch my other daughter, Cheyenne asked how long I'd been a Buddhist.  They are becoming quite aware of sensitive to how maybe Dad is a bit different. :)  I had explained to her in referential terms she'd understand that it's been about 6 years.  She remembers  when I got my zafu/zabuton and it being around in the house back when she was quite young (only 9 now) and I think remembering back that far somehow makes my practice more comfortable and familiar to her, even thought it's starkly different than what she is familiar with.
  • Evening Zazen (30 Min)
    • Sat on G+ alone
    • Also been posting my sits now up to #OMcru on Twitter as well as logging it into Insight Timer.
    • Guess in some way I'm just looking to expand my sitting group but at the same time feel that all sitters, regardless of tradition, are my Sangha.

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