Friday, September 23, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 20

  • Morning Zazen (45 Min @ 0630)
  • Dana
    • Finished up the North Texas Food Bank food drive and delivered the food.  
    • All told I was able to raise 45 cans of food for a total of 46lbs.  Not sure how much this feeds but happy I was able to do it.
    • When I dropped off the food at the food bank it was in South Dallas. Which is a low income area of town.  I saw people sleeping under bridges, hanging out on street corners and overall just a rough area.  Really set in perspective the people that probably benefited from the drive. 
    • While I was at the food bank, a lady came in asking about eggs & milk. Apparently she had stopped by to pick up some food and was lacking these items.  It really made me feel like I wish that I could do more.  Seeing the need with my own two eyes really brought it home.
  • Shakuhachi
    • Had my lesson today with Jon and it went pretty well.  
    • Choshi was an improvement, however I did struggle again with Ha-Ro couplet.
    • We continued on Daiwagaku and Jon seemed quite impressed that I was able to play the peak of the piece.
    • He explained that many students have a hard time with anything in kan register and this phrase was actually in daikan (next one up).  
    • Seems my only nemesis at the moment is Ha-Ro in kan...I think because I keep dropping back down to otsu with the Ro.  
  • No studies today. :(
  • Evening Zazen
    • Sat with Chris, Will & Nat on G+
    • Was first time to get to sit with Will!
    • I did it with my Android device and it seemed to work ok.  Only problems were that I couldn't re-share it nor add comments.

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