Monday, September 19, 2011

Ango 2011 - Day 17

  • Morning Zazen (60m @ 06:30)
    • Again I didn't sit on G+ but for different reasons.
    • My 2, almost 3 year old woke up at 06:15 and wasn't going back to sleep.
    • My wife was already on a conference call for work and so I brought my daughter downstairs, put on Mickey Mouse, gave her some juice and grabbed my zafu/rakusu.
    • Sat in her play area with her, in case she needed something, so she didn't disturb my wife.
    • My wife got off her call sometime in between and so I was able to finish out my sit without any problems.  
    • My daughter has seen me sit enough that even when she does need something from me she creeps up to me and whispers "Daddy? Daddy?"  My wife has trained her well.
  • The Mind of Clover Study
    • Read the first chapter of Aitken Roshi's book in preparation for Jukai.
    • Also read three other articles from Daido Roshi, Josho Sensei & Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche.  All giving somewhat varied, but mostly similar impressions on the refuges and what they mean.
    • Very much enjoyed Daido Roshi's teaching, but it's not surprising as I've been a student of his for several years now so feel very comfortable with his writings/speech.
  • Zen Seeds Study
    • Spent quite a bit of time getting caught up on Zen Seeds Bookclub items.
    • Much of the discussion I didn't feel I had to add to the bookclub, however the last couple sections  I was struggling to be brief.
    • I shared the book with my wife tonight as I felt she would appreciate Aoyama's style of writing as we both have very much enjoyed Suzuki Roshi's books.
    • I find several comparatives in Aoyoma's teachings to that of Christianity. I'm not sure her background or influences but she seems to have a bit of a Christian slant to her phrases.  It's very subtle and almost imperceptible if you are not familiar with the Christian faith.  Will probably spend some time researching her senseis and background.
  • Sewing Practice
    • Sewed up the rakusu bag today.
    • Was a small project but I spent far more time than I expected on the cross-stitching on the front of the bag.
    • I've had problems with the other two bags I've sewn on this matter and this is by far the cleanest looking of the three.
    • Interesting fact.  My wife has some silk that she had bought while she was in Singapore several years back and the pattern on one of the pieces of silk matched exactly that of the silk I had bought at our local "Jo Ann's" fabric store!  Only difference was that mine was green silk and her's was dyed gold. 
  • Dana
    • Right before my sit tonight I was logging into G+ and setting up my zazen session when I noticed a post from a Buddhist acquaintance seeking donations for a run for Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure
    • As I sat I began to think about my efforts to collect food for the hungry in North Texas. So far it's been just mediocre and I've struggled with feelings of frustration and disappointment.
    • That being said, I had resolved that when I finished my sitting I would donate to this cause.  While it's not much, it's something...and enough of 'something' can lead to be a big thing.
    • In addition, I chanted metta for all the sufferers of breast cancer...

May all victims of breast cancer be free from suffering, may they feel safe and still.
May all victims of breast cancer be free from enmity, may they be loving grateful and kind.
May all victims of breast cancer be healthy, and at ease in all their ills.
May all victims of breast cancer be at peace, embracing all conditions of life.

  • Evening Zazen (30m @ 20:30)
    • Sat on G+ tonight with Chris & Nate.
    • Was nice to sit with Nate as it's the first time I've been able to sync up with him.  He normally sits around 21:00 and I'm normally done or close to done by then.

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